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Maze Craze Trucker Banner Maze Craze Trucker, featuring Big Ol' Trucker Energy Juice is now available on the App Store for iPhone and iPod Touch!Apple App Store Badge

Maze Craze Trucker takes you on a wild ride as Big Ol' Trucker, racing to make deliveries and collect money in this innovative maze game that combines the gameplay of Pac-Man and Crazy Taxi. Each level has a money goal that gamers must beat before advancing to the next map.

How far can you go? Don't forget to bring some Big Ol' Trucker Energy Juice along with you ... You're Gonna' Need it to Keep Your Motor Runnin'!

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For more information, tips, and help with the game, please visit the
the Official Maze Craze Trucker web site.

Buy Maze Craze Trucker Now, exclusively for iPhone and iPod touch.


Endorsed By And A Proud Sponsor of The Healthy Trucking Initiative!

Big Ol' Trucker Energy Juice is a product of Xtreme Beverage Corp.